Can I Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s? Yes, You Can!

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Can I unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s? Yes, you can. Let’s see, first of all, you have to contact your carrier. You have to see that unlocking choice has been offered by your carriers. It is important because only your carrier which has the power to unlock your iPhone 5s. If your carrier offers unlocking, then start to contact them and asking for an unlock. As your account might need some changes to meet the requirements for unlocking, you have to be prepared. Then, you just have to wait. Usually, after you submit your request, the process in unlocking your iPhone 5s might need a few days to make sure that it is complete. It you are wary, you can follow your request’s status. You can contact your carrier for that.

After it has been confirmed that they’ve already unlocked your iPhone 5s, you still have to do some things to finish unlocking your iPhone 5s. If you have another SIM car from another carrier other than your carrier before, you can use it. Start by removing your current SIM card. Insert the new SIM card that you’ve already prepared. Then, you can set up your iPhone 5s again. After that, you are done. You can use your iPhone with your new freedom.

But, there’s a difference if you don’t have any other SIM card than your current ones. In that condition, answering your question of “can I unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s?” would be a bit worrisome. There are some things that you have to do. You have to back up you iPhone, first. Then, if you are done with making a back up, you are recommended to erase you iPhone 5s. That way, all data from the previous account will be erased, too. If you are done, you can restore your iPhone 5s again. Make sure that you do it from the back up data that you’ve made, before.

Sadly, sometimes the thing that you do is not always successful. You are advised to get help if there’s something bad happened. For example, you get unusual message on your devices or in iTunes, specifically. Some messages said that the SIM card that you inserted in this iPhone is not supported. They will tell you that only compatible SIM cards that is coming from a supported and trusted carrier may be inserted and used to activate your iPhone. So, you will get advice in inserting the SIM card that probably came with iPhone or visiting supported carrier store that probably has SIM card that you can use.

Can I Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s Yes, You Can!
Can I Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s Yes, You Can!
Can I Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s
Can I Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s

If that is happening to you, then here are some steps that you can follow. You can get your iPhone 5s and restore it to factory setting. Then, contact your carrier again. Make sure that they have applied the unlock system of your iPhone in their system. If you are already so sure, the you can restore your iPhone again from the back up that you’ve done. Usually, it works!

In the end, hope all information above can answer your question of “can I unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s?”

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