Can I Unlock iPhone 5S with Unpaid ATT Balance If Switching to Straight Talk 2017

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Despite of being able to purchase iPhone 5S in cheaper price, owning unlocking iPhone can sometimes be quite depressing. That is the reason why a lot of customers decide to cut off their relations with the carrier and find any possible way with 100% guarantee to unlock the phone and to have permanent activate for all networks. But the question remains, can I unlock iPhone 5S with unpaid ATT balance if switching to straight talk 2017? Well, here is the answer. Yes, it can be done. The question is now how should you do that. Of course, by using the legal unlocking service through IMEI that is 100% safe, it is very possible to be done. But sometimes, you just don’t want to pay more money for the service. Free service or method seems to be more tempting.

What You Need

Suppose you are about to unlock the iPhone by yourself to permanently activate the unlocked mode, you have to prepare the following things. First, prepare compatible straight talk ATT SIM card. For iPhone 5S, you will need the Nano SIM card. Prepare Straight Talk Plan. There are two different options available for permanent activate for all networks, unlimited straight talk plan that you can purchase for $45 and call the ATT to ask for Straight Talk.

Remember, this fast and simple method can be followed once your contract with ATT has been terminated. Before it is terminated, you should not follow this method that supports all phone models. Let’s continue to the nextsimple step-by-step activate instructions then.

Can I Unlock iPhone 5S with Unpaid ATT Balance If Switching to Straight Talk
Can I Unlock iPhone 5S with Unpaid ATT Balance If Switching to Straight Talk
Can I Unlock iPhone 5S with Unpaid ATT
Can I Unlock iPhone 5S with Unpaid ATT
  1. Order micro SIM card from the Straight Talk. There are various places for you to order it like Amazon. Make sure you have the ATT compatible SIM card. In this case, you can buy only the Micro SIM or the ATT compatible Micro SIM along with the unlimited data plan. Note that you will be asked to pay for the plan using credit card if you decide to buy the SIM only. Usually, the shipping takes less than 3 days.
  2. You have to wait for your contract with ATT ended before making a request to unlock your iPhone to have the factory carrier activate. If you still insist to unlock your iPhone 5S before the contract ends, you will be fined with Early Termination Fees. Once you have submitted the request, you should receive email that says your device will be unlocked within 24 hours after your request was received.
  3. Follow the instructions written on the activation of Straight Talk with lifetime support. Remember that there is no jailbreak needed. The easiest way to do the activation is through online. It basically requires only a few minutes. During the activation, you have to choose the option according to your need. For instance, select the “Activate my Straight Talk Service using another company’s number”. Suppose you have completed the activation request, you have to wait for the current service from ATT to stop. Once the service has been disabled, insert the new Straight Talk SIM. Usually, it takes only about 10 minutes to be completed. If you have successfully completed it, you shall see your status bar to display “Home” instead of displaying ‘”ATT”. To be sure, test it by making phone call. If you can make a call, that you are already using the Straight Talk service.
  4. Update your data settings to permanently activate the unlocked mode.
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