How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s Permanently?

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There are definitely many reasons why you bought a Straight Talk bundled iPhone 5s. Maybe you were tempted by its cheap plan, or maybe you think you will be locked inside the USA for the rest of your life. But once you realize that other carriers provide better service, or you need to bring your iPhone 5s abroad and you just hate Straight Talk’s international data plan, you definitely will start asking around, how do you unlock straight talk iPhone 5s?

Well, unlocking your phone won’t be easy since Straight Talk has changed their unlocking policy and you can no longer ask them to unlock your phone. But don’t get discouraged because there are many fast and simple ways that you can try to unlock your iPhone 5s

Unlocking Methods You Shouldn’t Try

Before we go to the real deal that is 100% safe and will permanently activate the SIM card of your choice, make sure you avoid these desperate methods.

  1. Jailbreaking

When you ask “how do you unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s?” to random people, they will mostly answer with “jailbreak.” It is safe to say that jailbreak is the easiest way to unlock phone and in most cases, it supports all phone models. Unfortunately, this method is not safe. The jailbreaking software can mess up with your phone, and worse, it will nullify the Limited Warranty of your iPhone.

  1. Hardware Unlocking

This is the worst method of all. The hardware of your iPhone will literally be tampered and the chips and wirings will be modified. The success rate is really low and even worse, you might end up with a broken iPhone.

How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s Permanently
How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s Permanently
How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s
How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s

Unlock with Official IMEI Method

Now, let’s get down to the business. How do you unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s safely, and most importantly, permanently? Does such way really exist? Well, fortunately, yes. Up to this time, the most recommended unlocking method with 100% guarantee and no jailbreak needed is IMEI method. This method is definitely not free, but the price will be worth it since you will be provided with lifetime support and also some peace of mind.

The principle is very simple. The status of your iPhone in the Apple Database needs to be changed from “Locked” to “Unlocked.” To do this, simply find a third party unlocking service and they will guide you with simple step-by-step activate instructions.

First of all, simply provide your carrier name, phone model and IMEI number to the unlocking service of your choice. Dial #06# to find out your IMEI number. Once they have checked that your phone is 100% locked, you can provide your email and send your payment and the unlocking will be processed. The time needed to unlock will varied but mostly it will take four days and you will be notified via email once the process is finished. Make sure you choose an unlocking service that provides 24/7 support just in case you have questions or problems. This method is 100% safe, doesn’t void warranty and guarantees permanent activate for all networks so no harm will be done to your phone.

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