How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

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Have you known how to check if iPhone is unlocked or locked? For iPhone user, knowing about it is really important because locked and unlocked iPhone is different. Read the information below to know more about unlocked iPhone and how to check it.

Understanding Unlocked and Locked iPhone

Have you bought an iPhone from other country? When you bring it to your home and want to change SIM card with other SIM card, you find that the new SIM card can’t be used. It means your iPhone is locked by certain operator or provider.

It will be different if you have unlocked iPhone. Unlocked iPhone allows you to use various providers. For traveler, it is so useful because it makes travelers don’t waste much money for paying roaming fee. Unlocked iPhone will also make us feel so satisfied because can change provider wherever and whenever we want. It means, we can use our desired provider without worrying about anything.

How to Check Unlocked and Locked iPhone

After buying an iPhone, we may want to know whether our iPhone is unlocked iPhone or not. Actually, there are some ways you can use for checking it. Every way is so simple. Read the explanation below to know the right step for checking your iPhone status.

Using SIM Card

It is a simple way to check whether your iPhone is unlocked iPhone or not. You just need to buy a new SIM card, and remove the existing SIM card on your iPhone. Change it with new SIM card. If the new SIM card can’t work well in your iPhone, it means your iPhone is locked iPhone.

How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked

Using Web Service

Besides using SIM card, you can also use web service. It means you can use IMEI web for checking your iPhone status. If you want to try this way, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Press *#06# on your iPhone to know your IMEI number. If you can’t check it, you can check it on iTunes, the back side of your iPhone or on SIM card slot.
  • Open iPhone IMEI checker. Enter your IMEI code, and press enter button. Wait a minute until the server finished checking your IMEI number. After that, you will know whether your iPhone is unlocked or not.

Using iTunes Restore

If the ways mentioned before can’t be used, you still have another way to check your iPhone status. Yes, another way you can use is using iTunes Restore. You just need to reset your iPhone from factory setting to default, and restore it via iTunes. If you find a message “Congratulation, your iPhone is unlocked,” it means your iPhone is unlocked and you are able to use your desired SIM card or provider.

Those are some information for you about how to check your iPhone status—unlocked or locked. You can use the information above as your reference. You can also use the tips above to check your iPhone status easily. Finally, hopefully the information about how to check if iPhone is unlocked above will be useful for you.

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