How To Unlock A IPhone 5S From Straight Talk 100% Safe With No Jailbreak Needed

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The best part of using Straight Talk without Jailbreak your iPhone is because you don’t need to do something complicated. Moreover, you can also save your money on phone calls and data. The idea is how to unlock a iPhone 5S from straight talk with less risk. Luckily, you are able to unlock your iPhone 5S for straight talk without jailbreak. This article will show you simple step-by-step unlocking instructions.

The first thing to do is by choosing the setting. In this early step, you just need to go to “General” menu and choose “reset”. The purpose of selecting reset is to reset the network setting as well as delete the old APN setting. It is a must for you to turn off your Wi-Fi before doing this step.

The second step is opening the SIM card tray. Then, change the old SIM card with a new Straight Talk SIM card. This is the key of how to unlock a iPhone 5S from straight talk 100% safe and no jailbreak needed. Actually before doing this step, you should buy the new straight talk SIM card and it can be purchased online from a reputable online store or directly to the Straight Talk’s official website.

The third step is check the detail of your iPhone 5S. After changing the SIM card, you will see “cellular data network” menu. What you have to do is tapping the menu and change it with the new Straight Talk SIM card. You can do it slowly and carefully because the menu doesn’t disappear at once. Now, you have to wait for about one minute because your iPhone needs to load the default setting from the SIM to the headset. There will be two different option, cellular and reset setting. Just click the cellular and be careful not to click reset setting.

How to Unlock a iPhone 5S from Straight Talk 100% Safe with No Jailbreak Needed
How to Unlock a iPhone 5S from Straight Talk 100% Safe with No Jailbreak Needed
How to Unlock a iPhone 5S from Straight Talk
How to Unlock a iPhone 5S from Straight Talk

The fourth step is turning the airplane mode on and turning it off for about 5 seconds. Now, you are permanently unlock your iPhone 5S for straight talk. Just try to make phone call, send MMS, data or text. Hopefully, this information helps you on how to unlock a iPhone 5S from straight talk easily without any kind of dangerous or complicated jailbreak.

There are several tips you need to know if you take the steps above. For example, it is possible for you to change the SIM card but you have to do all the steps above again. It is the same case if you want to upgrade the latest iOS version. You also need to know that Straight Talk doesn’t support visual voicemail. It is not a big problem because you can still use Google Voice app if you have to use it. Sometimes, you want to know how to unlock a iPhone 5S from straight talk is because of its unlimited data plan. Because of this purpose, you should save your data about 100MB daily and 2GB monthly. It is important to prevent disconnected and you can use Straight Talk until the next billing cycle. It is really simple and fast, isn’t it? You have to try it now!

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