How To Unlock An IPhone 5S To Use On Straight Talk From AT&T

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How To Unlock An iPhone 5s To Use On Straight Talk sounds like something which will be asked often by the iPhone 5S users. Choosing the best device for their communication support surely becomes the very first thing which people have to do about their telecommunication need. From so many products which can be found out there, Apple surely has very great name with its iPhone product. iPhone 5S can be considered as favorite smart phone product which can be found but people need to combine it with the right network service. From so many options of network service, AT&T can be one of them but there can be a time when people buy AT&T iPhone 5S yet they want to switch the network service to Straight Talk. That is why they will look for the method for unlocking the iPhone 5S on AT&T so they can use the Straight Talk. In fact, people can also use the simple method for switching the iPhone 5S from AT&T to Straight Talk. There is no need to worry that they will get troubled with the process for getting better network service.

Buy SIM Card

The very first thing which people have to do is buying the SIM card. Different type of SIM card will be needed by different model of iPhone. For iPhone 5S, people have buy the Nano SIM card. They need to find the Nano SIM card which is compatible to AT&T as well as Straight Talk. Amazon can be a great place to look for the Nano SIM card but people can also buy it directly from the Straight Talk Company.

How to Unlock an iPhone 5S to Use on Straight Talk from AT&T
How to Unlock an iPhone 5S to Use on Straight Talk from AT&T
How to Unlock an iPhone 5S to Use on Straight Talk
How to Unlock an iPhone 5S to Use on Straight Talk

Buy Straight Talk Plan

Of course since people want to use the network service from Straight Talk, they have to buy the plan for Straight Talk. There are two options which are available for people. First of all, people can order the service card along with the SIM card. There is second opinion which people can choose as well. People need to activate the SIM card and they can pay for the service plan chosen over the phone or online using the credit card. In this circumstance, people will not need any physical card.

SIM Activation

Now, it is the time for activating the SIM card. People can do it online or by calling certain number for SIM card activation. People maybe want to activate the Straight Talk service but they still want to keep the same number from AT&T. It is not impossible at all because they only need to choose the option for activating the Straight Talk service with the number from another company. In this circumstance, they have to prepare the account number as well as password from AT&T. It is important not to cancel the service from AT&T before they activate the Straight Talk SIM is they want to keep the same number. Last but not least, people only need to insert the new SIM card from Straight Talk and wait for the activation. Switching from AT&T to Straight Talk is super simple so it can be answer for how to unlock an iPhone 5s to use on straight talk.

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