How To Unlock IPhone 5S For Straight Talk Without Jailbreak

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How to unlock iphone 5s for straight talk become something which many people are looking for these days. It is true that people are looking for the ability for accessing the network with the best service on the smart phone. It can be very confusing for choosing the best one from several great offers out there. However, we can make sure that Straight Talk recently becomes very popular options for many smart phone users in the United States of America. People are asking whether it is possible to unlock iPhone 5S for Straight Talk. The problem is that some people want to unlock it but they do not want the jailbreak. It is possible of course and there are some steps which should be followed for doing this without jailbreak. There are four steps which people should do.

First Step

The very first step for unlocking iPhone 5S for Straight Talk is very easy. People just need to choose Settings. They have to go to the General and choose Reset to Reset Network Setting. There will be old APN profiles which can be found on the iPhone 5S. All that people have to do is just deleting it. Before they can do this step, they have to make sure first that the Wi-Fi option is turned off. Next, they have to choose Settings and then General. Cellular must be chosen for ensuring that the Cellular Data feature is switched on.

Second Step

The second step is associated with the SIM card after all. After following the first step, they have to open the tray of SIM card. They need to insert the SIM card which is not compatible to the original network of iPhone 5S.

How to Unlock iPhone 5S for Straight Talk without Jailbreak
How to Unlock iPhone 5S for Straight Talk without Jailbreak
How to Unlock iPhone 5S for Straight Talk
How to Unlock iPhone 5S for Straight Talk

Third Step

People will see the Cellular Data Network feature above Use Cellular Data for. The menu should be tapped and they need to switch the SIM card which is not compatible to the original network with the Straight Talk SIM card. If people worry that the menu will disappear at once, there is no need at all because it will not. The default settings load from the SIM to handset will be processed for about one minute. They need to exit the menu of Cellular Data by clicking Cellular button in the upper left corner. However, they have to be careful not to tap on Reset Setting.

Fourth Step

Last but not least, people have to switch on the Airplane Mode. After five seconds, they have to turn it off. That is all of the process which people should do when they want to unlock iPhone 5S Straight Talk without jailbreak. Now, they are able to enjoy any option available from Straight Talk network including texting, talking, MMS, and also data. There is one thing which people should remember after all. There can be a time when people want to change the SIM card again or just want to upgrade to the latest iOS version. Again, they have to follow the step of how to unlock iphone 5s for straight talk.

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