How to Unlock My IPhone 5s Straight Talk and then Activate It

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Those who purchase an iPhone must ask about how to unlock my iPhone 5s Straight Talk. Yes, iPhone always comes with a factory carrier activate with contract. It makes you can’t use the phone with different carrier locally or even abroad. Besides, the 1-3 year of contract demands you to pay service fee in monthly basis for calling, cellular data, and also messaging. The system will not work with other carriers and the phone will be unlocked after finishing the contract even though most carrier don’t have such system.

Sometimes, it is important to know about unlock my iPhone 5s Straight Talk when you are going to go abroad. The international roaming is expensive so that you should unlock your phone in order to use different SIM card.

How to Unlock the iPhone 5s Factory

It is about the specific carrier and country. So you need to firstly know about what carrier and country that currently locked your phone. It can be found by using the checking service of Carrier or IMEI. After you know about the information, then you should purchase the unlock service that provides the same carrier and country and then you should wait for a specific time.

Besides, you also should check the iPhone model of you whether it is supported or not before the placing order. Most services are only available for clean ESN/ IMEI so that you will not be supported if your phone number is ever blocked, blacklisted or barred. However, the service like All IMEI can support you for barred phone number service only. The 100% guarantee Factory Unlocking Services are available in kinds of retail stores.

How to Make Your iPhone Active after Unlocking

When you have done the unlock my iPhone 5s Straight Talk, then you can continue to activate it. First, you should install iTunes in the newest version. It can be downloaded for free through your computer and make sure it is connected to the internet. The internet connection will be better to get from Wi-Fi and the internet is connected to the phone too.

How to Unlock My IPhone 5s Straight Talk and then Activate It
How to Unlock My IPhone 5s Straight Talk and then Activate It
How to Unlock My IPhone 5s Straight Talk
How to Unlock My IPhone 5s Straight Talk

If you need to keep some important data inside your phone, you should backup or copy the data before the unlocked service is activated. Otherwise, you may lose the data. Follow the Simple Step-by-Step Activate Instructions below.

  1. First, make sure that your phone has been installed with the latest iOS. Stay in the screen of activation and then insert your SIM card (not the original SIM card). Then connect your phone to internet WiFi so that you can start the activation process smoothly. Then your iPhone will be unlocked.
  2. If your phone hasn’t be upgraded yet, you need to connect the phone to a computer. Open the iTunes from your PC. In most cases, the phone will be unlocked automatically. You may experience error connection. In this case, you have to disconnect and then reconnect the cable. Otherwise, still connect the cable and then access the Phone Settings, select General, select Reset and then select Reset All Settings.

If the steps above can’t unlock your phone, the iOS in your phone is out of date, or your iPhone is jailbroken, you should restore or upgrade your phone in order to get the latest iOS. Then continue to follow the first step above.

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