How to Unlock My Iphone Straight Talk 5s without Jailbreak

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Unlock my iPhone straight talk 5s without jailbreak may be the information you need if the smartphone is non-jailbroken. Unlocking you iPhone without the jailbreak will help you save money on data usage and phone calls. Follow the instructions below to unlock your iPhone 5s with Factory Carrier Activate.

Those who are Eligible

Actually, this unlocking tips can be applied by the users of all iPhone models provided that it is jailbroken. However, you should activate the Straight Talk after the SIM card is bought from the official website of the carrier. When you iPhone is Straight Talk activated, you have to apply the changes of the settings.

Getting the Data without MMS

You have to browse the internet to get the cellular data and then access the link of Unlockit.Co.Nz. Inside the website, click “Create APN” and then select United States as your country as well as the carrier as the Straight Talk in the menu. Continue to click Create APN one more time and then you need to install you profile when you find the instruction.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s for Straight Talk

Follow some Simple Step-by-Step Activate Instructions below to Unlock my iPhone straight talk 5s.

  1. Go to the Settings inside your phone and then select General and then Reset; it will reset the network settings as well as delete the old APN profiles that are available inside your phone. To do this setting, you have to turn off the Wi-Fi first. Then continue to select Settings and then General and then select Cellular so that the Cellular Data feature is switched on.
  2. Open your SIM card slot and then put a new SIM card inside the slot that is not compatible to the original network before.
  3. On the feature of Use Cellular Data, you can see the feature of Cellular Data Network. Click the menu and then switch the original SIM that is non-compatible with the Straight Talk SIM. If the menu is still available at once, you shouldn’t be worry about it. Wait in about 1 minute meanwhile the default settings is loading to your phone’s SIM. Then click “Cellular” on the corner of upper left. It will help you exit from the menu of Cellular Data. Don’t click the “Reset Setting” or you will lose the settings you made.
  4. Then select the Airplane Mode inside your phone and then turn your phone off when it has been 5 seconds.
How to Unlock My Iphone Straight Talk 5s without Jailbreak
How to Unlock My Iphone Straight Talk 5s without Jailbreak
How to Unlock My Iphone Straight Talk 5s
How to Unlock My Iphone Straight Talk 5s

With the settings with No Jailbreak Needed, now you can enjoy the options of calls, MMS, text and also data. However, you should do the same steps above when you decide to upgrade to the newer version of iOS or change your SIM card.

Note: the iPhone with Straight Talk will not support the Visual Voicemail. But you don’t have to worry about it because you can use the Google Voice application whenever you need.

If you find this way of Unlock my iPhone straight talk 5s, you will get the unlimited data plan. You should save up to 100MB data per day and it is about 2 GB per month in order to make the data discontinued until the billing cycle next time.

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