How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk 2017

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For those who are going to activate Straight Talk on Sprint iPhone 5s, you must need to know about how to unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk. It is possible to do since your phone compatible and also get the SIM card of Sprint issued together with the phone because Straight Talk doesn’t have Sprint compatible cards for sale. Check on the official website of Straight Talk whether your phone is compatible.

Unlocking Policy

Most iPhones bundled with wireless Factory Carrier Activate are shipped unlocked today. Otherwise, they will be unlocked when the customers have met the unlocking policy’s terms and conditions. If you are not sure whether your phone is unlocked or not as well as to know the policy of the wireless carriers, you can check on their websites.

Unlocking a SIM means that making your device’s SIM slot can accept a SIM card from another carrier. The unlocking process will not make the network interrupted and it can get additional functionality such as voice service support. However, not all devices can be unlocked, that is why you should make sure the compatibility. Only certified devices for Sprint network that can be activated and the other carrier’s phones can’t by following the Simple Step-by-Step Activate Instructions.

Unlocking Sprint iPhone 5s for Domestic Usage

For those who are going to unlock the device for domestic usage, you should know how to unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk below with some requirements such as;

  • Your phone is capable for Domestic SIM Unlock
  • You have activated the Sprint network for at least 50 days
  • The payment, service agreement, lease agreement or installment billing agreement have been fulfilled completely. It is because the leased phones are not user’s.
  • The associated account can stand well.
  • The phone is not in stolen or lost report, not connected to fraudulent activity or other reason that make it ineligible for unlocking.

As you fulfill the requirements, Sprint will unlock your phone automatically. You can also use this local unlock for international usage since you use foreign SIM card.

How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk 2017
How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk 2017
Unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk 2017
Unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk 2017

Unlocking Sprint iPhone 5s for International Traveling

You can get the international roaming service when traveling abroad in short period. But if you plan to extend the traveling time, you can use foreign carrier SIM card inside your phone. To make it, find the Fast and Simple way of how to unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk below;

  • Make sure your phone can be unlocked for International SIM card
  • You are currently using Sprint card with active account so it can become the authenticated Authorized Contact or Account Holder.
  • The phone is active with Sprint account at least for 90 days.
  • Make sure you have good standing account.
  • In one year period, every phone number on Sprint account only can unlock the phone twice.
  • The phone isn’t being reported as stolen or lost phone, isn’t connected to fraudulent activity and eligible for unlock.

About how to unlock Sprint iPhone 5s for Straight Talk, access your account on Sprint.Com, click on “May Account” button, select your device type, click the drop down menu of “Manage this Device” and then select “Unlock device to use International SIM”.

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