How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s eBay and other iPhone with different Service Providers

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To unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s eBay is fast and simple. Just call the Apple support or the Straight Talk people so you can use this iPhone with different carriers right away, and your iPhone 5s Straight Talk will become unlocked or people usually call it the contract-free or SIM-free iPhone. So, why is it not to unlock your iPhone Straight Talk? You cannot use your iPhone freely. In certain countries, the carrier may lock your phone and before going abroad surely you have to contact the carrier and you should pay to be able to use your iPhone abroad. Some people are not happy about it and want their iPhone unlocked. Are there any ways to do it? Yes there are, since you actually are not stuck to your service provider forever. Are the ways 100% safe and legal? Let’s check them out.

How to unlock iPhones including to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s eBay

  • First thing first you have to contact the Straight Talk office and ask the people there if your iPhone is the unlock type and ask them if they offer permanently activate unlocking service. There will be some requirements to unlock your iPhone. It takes time for sure. Just keep calling them if your unlocking request is approved.
  • Have a new SIM card after your unlocking request is finally approved. Remove the old one and then re-set up your IPhone. If you haven’t bought a SIM card you have to back up the iPhone and then erase it. Next, restore the iPhone with the backup you have made.
  • If you have problems with the SIM card, get help. You will probably see the messages such as “The SIM card isn’t supported” or “Only use compatible SIM card from your carrier to activate your iPHone”, or “Please use the SIM card available with your iPhone” or Visit the carrier store to support, etc. Don’t worry, just restore the iPhone into factory setting option, and then contact the carrier to ensure that the unlock option in their system is already on. Finally restore the iPhone from the backup you have made.
How to Unlock Your Straight Talk iPhone 5S
How to Unlock Your Straight Talk iPhone 5S
How to Unlock Your Straight Talk iPhone 5S for Travelers
How to Unlock Your Straight Talk iPhone 5S for Travelers

Any types of iPhones with certain providers are not tied to them forever. All iPhone types are with permanent activate for all networks. Here are the ways:

  • If your carrier is Three you just have to see their website and it is informed there that any iPhones bought after January the first in 2014 from this company, are all unlocked automatically if you connect it to iTunes or Wi-Fi. If you didn’t buy your iPhone from this provider, you will need to unlock and restore your iPhone by connecting it to iTunes. Remember, restoring activity will erase all the data in it, so do the backup first.
  • If your carrier is Tesco Mobile and have been tied to it for one year or more, you actually have completed your contract with it. Call the office and ask for unlocking service. The people there will give you the unlock code. After you have the code, you have to choose the unlock-your-mobile option in your device.
  • If your service provider is Vodafone, you can call the office to have the online unlocking form. It is free to do that if you are with them for one year or more, but it takes two days for the people there to approve your request and ten days to unlock your iPhone. If you have been with them below one year you may have to pay.

What do you think? It is known that there are many service providers with lifetime support that people use and are not mentioned here the bottom line is you have to call the providers you have been with like in this case, Straight Talk. It is great if the article about unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s eBay gives you inspiration and broadens your knowledge.

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