How To Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S with IMEI Unlock

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The truth is mobile phone carries will not leave their customers alone particular if they have helped the customers to pay for the phone. And that’s what happens with the Straight Talk iPhone. Most phones in US are locked when being sold. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with the phone locked for years. If you question about how to unlock straight talk iPhone 5S, you have the answer now. Wanting your phone unlocked after you choose to buy the locked phone is normal. Most people find it more economical to buy locked phone. But, if you apparently travel abroad a lot, locked iPhone can be a problem. That’s because you cannot activate different SIM while you are abroad. Often, it makes you unable to contact anyone.

Officially, unlock the locked Straight Talk iPhone means paying certain amount of money. It usually is about $250. Well, this is not small amount of money so it’s normal when you think several times before you ask the company to unlock it for you. Unofficially, there is now a method to unlock the locked Straight Talk iPhone. And this is definitely a great thing to have. When the iPhone is unlocked, you will be able to switch the SIM card with the new ones from different service provider. And this is very useful when you are abroad.

Three Methods to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S

In this case, there are several methods available to choose. These include software unlocking; hardware unlocking and IMEI unlock method. Among those three, only IMEI unlock method that is reliable. Two other methods are risky and can cost you the warranty. So, the other two are not recommended.

Despite the advantages of having unlocked iPhones, most people choose to buy locked phone because somehow the mobile phone carriers persuade them by giving various advantages that are too good to be missed. Some of the advantages include unlimited talk time. This strategy has been very effective indeed at the beginning. But somehow, a lot of users cannot be kept with this strategy forever. And that’s why some people at the end of the contract, decide to unlock their iPhones.

The unlocking means unlocking GSM phone to CDMA phone and vice versa. Of course, it also means switching various SIM cards. Unlocking a phone is not only advantageous to allow you switching SIM cards but also to help you sell your phone faster. Most buyers on eBay for instance look for unlocked phones because the phones are more flexible to be used. And the unlocked phones are also sold at higher price which is a great deal for you as a seller. That’s why you should consider unlocking Straight Talk iPhone 5S as soon as possible.

how to unlock straight talk iphone 5s with imei unlock
how to unlock straight talk iphone 5s with imei unlock

Official IMEI iPhone Unlock

Here comes the best method on how to how to unlock straight talk iPhone 5S. This has been the most reliable method and it doesn’t even require you to be a geek to do the unlocking process yourself. This is what you call as permanent solution for iPhone unlock. So, once your iPhone is unlocked, it cannot be locked again. This method is basically very simple as you only need the information regarding your phone’s original network and IMEI information. The great thing about choosing official unlock is that it’s official. It means no matter how many times you restore or upgrade your iPhone, your phone will still be unlocked. And, it allows you to switch any SIM cards as you wish.

To have this unlocking process performed, you can talk to the mobile phone carriers. Usually, you have to pay. And in this case, the Straight Talk will cost you around $250. If you are okay with the cost, go for it and have your iPhone 5S unlocked. To have this method performed, you need to fill in the submission form and continue by making the payment. Once you have received the confirmation email, the process will be initiated. Usually, the process takes 1 to 15 days for the unlocking process to be completed. Some mobile phone carriers can even remove the lock within only 24 hours.

When it comes to IMEI unlock services, there are several company offering the services to perform the IMEI unlock method. The first and most recommended is iPhoneIMEI. This is the best service provider to unlocked locked phones inside US and also Canada. The greatest thing about this company is it offers cheap price for the service. It is even 30% cheaper compared to other IMEI unlock services you can find in the US. Some people may think that cheaper price means lower quality service. But that doesn’t apply for this service company. iPhoneIMEI has also been known for its high quality service. In a day, the company process unlocks of more than 200 unlocks which is a bigger number compared to other companies. And that’s the reason why their price is cheaper. The more unlocks they handle, the cheaper it is.

how to unlock straight talk iphone 5s
how to unlock straight talk iphone 5s

This company also has great customer service. In average, the company also needs 7 minutes to respond to customers’ need and complain. This is an amazing feature of a company. Another great thing is the company doesn’t need too much time to unlock the phone. Usually, it requires 24 hours to complete the process which is fantastic. Unfortunately, iPhoneIMEI doesn’t unlock phones from outside US and Canada.

Another company makes reputable IMEI unlock phone is Official iPhone Unlock which is a great choice for iPhones made outside North America. This company is highly experienced with handling various iPhone series. And, they also work very fast to complete the unlock process. They only require less than 24 hours completing the job. It doesn’t matter what mobile phone carrier you use, they can unlock it for you. Even if you use Airtel iPhone from India, this company never says no to what you need them to do.

Now that you have been informed of detailed information on how to unlock straight talk iPhone 5S, always choose the reliable method like IMEI instead of other free method that is too risky to be chosen.

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