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iPhone 7 Unlocked Best Buy – A strange bug causes new or returned iPhones to be unusable or not. Users are prompted to enter a third-party Apple ID. What should affected people do?

Apple’s activation lock is actually a very good thing. It is used to prevent a thief or finder from using a device if it does not have the password for the Apple ID of the legitimate owner. Now, however, more and more buyers of a new iPhone 7 report that they can not use the device because it is already connected with a foreign ID. According to “MacRumors,” however, the owners of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus are also confronted with the strange error after the user has reset the smartphone to factory settings – for example, to resell it.

A member of the “Best Buy” chain confirms the problems. He had seen many customers whose device was locked with a foreign ID. For a buyer, the iPhone was registered in a Chinese Apple account. The error did not occur only since the new iPhone generation, he had already found it with the iPhone 6s models.

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iPhone 7 Unlocked Best Buy – Repeatedly Blocked

Apple has not yet confirmed the activation bug, writes MacRumors, but is apparently willing to help affected individuals if they can prove to be legal owners – usually by the bill. Then users with an externally activated iPhone should appoint an appointment for the Genius Bar of an Apple Store or contact Apple’s support online.

Sometimes the activation lock can be removed, so “MacRumors“. In other cases, however, it would be impossible to make the device ready for operation again, because the error would recur. A user writes, for example, 19 hours after Apple has unlocked iPhone, it was again taken by a foreign ID. It was only after four days that he could have it unlocked again in a store. If nothing happens, Apple usually replaces the iPhone. Especially with the rare iPhone-7 black models, however, this may take several days or weeks.

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