Service Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S for Free

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Buying a locked iPhone seems tempting at first especially because it costs you less than buying unlocked iPhone. But the fun and joy doesn’t seem to be lasting long. Desire to unlock your iPhone is always there and at some point, you simply cannot resist the temptation. And, so you are willing to do anything it takes to unlock it. But the problem is what kind of service unlock straight  talk iPhone 5S because definitely you don’t want to officially unlock it as it costs you a lot more. So, your searching has begun until you find the right answer of the fast and simple method. Do not worry, you will find the answer right here. Just keep reading on.

Basically, you can use service like official IMEI service to do the 100 % guarantee unlocking. But it does cost you some money. So, the option left is to do the unlocking yourself. Follow the simple step-by-step activate instructions here.

Option 1

Let’s begin with option number 1 with no jailbreak needed. Follow these steps to do the unlocking that supports all phone models.

  1. Install the most update iTunes version
  2. Make sure your iPhone is connected to reliable and fast internet connection
  3. Connect iPhone to iTunes using the invalid SIM card
  4. Initiate a restore
  5. You should have your phone unlocked now and you can see the message pops out on your iTunes saying your iPhone has been unlocked

You should know that sometimes the message doesn’t appear even though your iPhone has been unlocked. Therefore, you should test the iPhone by using new valid SIM card. As long as you obtain service from the new valid SIM card, then the unlocking has been successfully completed. Sometimes, if the first attempt doesn’t work, you need to repeat it up to three times. Make sure to complete the permanent activate for all networks as well.

Option 2

Here is the No. 1 activate option number two to unlock your iPhone with factory carrier activate.

  1. Purchase other valid SIM card and place it into your iPhone
  2. Plug your iPhone into your PC with your iTunes updated to the most recent version
  3. Wait until your iPhone is recognized by iTunes and activated by iTunes as well
  4. Notice that a message will pop up on iTunes screen saying about invalid SIM card or no SIM supported. Or, it may even be a blank screen
  5. Unplug your iPhone and insert official At&T SIM card into your iPhone. Then the iTunes will try to activate your iPhone once again using the Apple server
  6. Once you have passed this stage, you shall see a screen that congratulates you from being completely done unlocking the iPhone
  7. Then, you can replace the old SIM card with the new SIM card
Service Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S for Free
Service Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S for Free
Service Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S
Service Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5S

Those two options of lifetime support are harmless meaning that even though you cannot successfully unlock your iPhone, but there will be nothing wrong with your iPhone. Although usually, any of those options can work pretty well. However, if you still insist to use the 100% safe official way of unlocking your iPhone and permanently activate the unlocked mode, make sure to prepare some money to pay for the service. Usually, it costs you $100 to $250 for unlocking the iPhone. And it takes around 1 to 14 days for the unlocking process to be completed. But, it does give you 24/7 support.

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