The Most Effective Way to Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s

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More and more people nowadays want to know how to unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s. Some of the users are not satisfied with the carrier’s data plan while some others simply want to take their iPhone abroad without having to stick with the expensive international roaming. No matter what your reason to unlock your phone is, make sure you only choose a method that is 100% safe.

Unless you don’t mind voiding your phone’s warranty, jailbreak is definitely not recommended. You can also try tweaking the phone’s setting, which is very safe, but it doesn’t permanently activate the new carrier. Once you update your phone, you need to adjust the setting all over again.

If you want to unlock your phone with 100% guarantee method and no jailbreak needed, IMEI unlocking is the best and the most effective way. Here are some things you need to know about IMEI unlocking.

IMEI unlocking

Other methods to unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s are mostly unreliable, not to mention can compromise your phone. But unlocking with official IMEI is different. It is fast and simple, and most importantly, it works.

Apple has a database that contains all iPhones including the production date, IMEI number, model number and whether the phone is carrier-locked or not. To unlock your phone, all you need to do is basically to change the “Locked” status in the database to “Unlocked.” But since not everybody can access this database, you need some help from a third party unlocking service. Not only will they help unlocking your phone, they also will provide lifetime support as a guarantee.

You will need to provide your IMEI number (dial #06# to find out your IMEI number), carrier name and phone model to the unlocking service. After that, provide your email address and complete the payment. Yes, this service is not free, but it is cheaper than asking Straight Talk to unlock your phone. Once the unlocking process is finished you will be notified via email and the unlocking service will provide you with simple step-by-step activate instructions.

The Most Effective Way to Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s
The Most Effective Way to Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s
Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s
Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s

Advantages of IMEI Unlocking

  1. While Straight Talk only provides unlocking service for select models, IMEI unlockingsupports all phone modelsthanks to its simple and universal method.
  2. The service is not free, but it is still cheaper compared to Straight Talk unlocking service.
  3. This method guaranteespermanent activate for all networks. This way you can freely change your SIM card anytime you want. Furthermore, you also don’t have to adjust any settings after updating your phone.
  4. Unlock a Straight Talk iPhone 5s with official IMEI is really safe. It doesn’t involve any software and doesn’t mess up with the hardware. The changes is made in the Apple database and your phone will not be touched at all. As a result, this method is completely legal and it will not void the phone’s warranty.
  5. If you managed to find an excellent third party unlocking service, you will get 24/7 support that will help troubleshoot any problems, especially ones regarding activation.

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