Two Ways of How to SIM Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk

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How to SIM unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk is easy and 100% safe if you do it properly. All you should do is call the Straight Talk service provider you have been with to unlock your iPhone 5s. It is a must to do it since you want to do it legally, right? All service providers or carriers with lifetime support to their customers including the Straight Talk provider surely have the unlocking service, not to mention their availability with GSM service that makes it possible to unlock iPhone 5s. How can you do that? Here are two ways to do that.

How to SIM unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk with no jailbreak needed

  • Choose the setting option and make sure that the Wi-Fi option is off and then go to the general, next select the Reset Network Setting and then erase the old APN profiles on you iPhone. Check if you have turned on the cellular data feature option first.
  • Insert the SIM that is not compatible with the original network you have been with.
  • After seeing the “Cellular Data Network” above “Use Cellular Data for”, you have to click the menu and replace the non-compatible SIM with the original SIM.
  • After waiting for the default setting to load from the SIM card to the handset for about one minute, you will have to click the “Cellular” button that is normally in the upper left corner to exit the menu of cellular data. Don’t ever click the “Reset setting” for sure.
  • Switch on the Airplane Mode and then turn off the iPhone for about five seconds.
  • You now can make a phone call, send MMS, send SMS, send data, etc.

Note: If you want to replace your SIM card or upgrade it with the new iOS version, you also can do all of the simple step-by-step activate instructions mentioned before.

How about asking a permission to the Straight Talk to unlock your 5s iPhone with it straightly? It is suggested to do so. The Straight Talk that supports all phone models strictly prohibits the attempt to unlock or resell your iPhone with it since in the first place you have agreed to not unlock, alter, replace Straight Talk SIM card with others. Some people with Straight Talk once suggest you buy an unlock code from the third-party providers to unlock your iPhone 5s. One of the biggest providers offers to unlock the iPhone tied to Straight Talk safely, legally, efficiently, permanently and quickly to permanently activate the unlock option.

How to SIM Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk
How to SIM Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk
Two Ways of How to SIM Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk
Two Ways of How to SIM Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk

How to SIM unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk with IMEI

The use of IMEI method is recommended by manufacturers of phones and network providers. This is legal, 100% safe and users won’t be shocked by the warranty void for sure and no jailbreak needed. Another great thing about the use of IMEI method is no matter how often you update this software, your 5s iPhone won’t get locked anymore.

So, the IMEI method to unlock your iPhone 5s seems to be the great way to choose for now, since it is fast and simple, and legal as well. It is greater if the article about how to SIM unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk gives you enough information.

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