Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk Ebay 100% Guarantee

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The truth is unlocked iPhone is much more accommodative compared to locked iPhone regardless of more expensive price. Some people choose to buy locked iPhone since it costs them less than purchasing the unlocked one. But still, unlocked one is finally the last choice so a lot of people are trying to find a way to unlock iPhone 5S straight talk Ebay. To accommodate this need, many people have been searching for the best and cheapest way with lifetime support among available options. What about if you can get the free option? Yes, you can handle the unlocking without paying even a cent. Does it sound tempting? Well, then you have to try this 100% safe method for sure.

Option 1

Now, we shall begin the process. You have to follow these simple step-by-step instructions carefully so you can complete the unlocking process that supports factory carrier activate successfully.

  1. Activate your iPhone handset with Straight Talk
  2. Connect your iPhone to WiFi internet connection and make sure the connection is reliable
  3. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone and enter the following link: http://unlockit.co.nz
  4. Once you have accessed the web, tap “Create APN” then choose the country as U.S and Straight Talk for your carrier from the available menu
  5. Repeat tapping “Create APN” once more before installing your profile if you are asked to do it

Suppose you have done those steps, continue by following these fast and simple steps to get MMS and Data settings. Make sure you already use at least iOS version 6.1.1. Then, you have to stay in a place where you can get powerful cellular signal before removing SIM card tray in your iPhone. Now, you can enjoy the permanent activate for all networks.

Option 2

Here is the 100% guarantee and no 1 activate option number 2 you can follow. This method supports all phone models.

Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk Ebay 100% Guarantee
Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk Ebay 100% Guarantee
Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk Ebay
Unlock iPhone 5s Straight Talk Ebay
  1. Go to Settings à General à Reset Network Setting
  2. Delete your old APN profile if you have any on your iPhone. And you should have the WiFi option turned off
  3. Continue by go to Settings à General à Cellular Data Feature On
  4. Open your iPhone SIM card tray
  5. Insert new carrier’s SIM card that is compatible with the original network
  6. Tap the menu of Cellular Data Network feature that appears above the “Use Cellular Data for
  7. Switch the non compatible SIM card with original SIM card using the Straight Talk SIM. If the menu hasn’t disappeared at once, you shall have nothing to worry about it. You can simply wait for few minutes while the default settings are loading from your SIM card to handset
  8. Click on the “Cellular” to exit the menu “Cellular Data”. Remember to not tap on the “Reset Setting”.
  9. Go to Settingsà Airplane Mode On for about 5 seconds before you turn it off

Now you have done with no jailbreak needed! You should be able to enjoy any options from this moment on including calls, text, data and MMS. If you are thinking to change the SIM card, you have to repeat all those steps from the beginning. Basically, you can repeat the unlocking process multiple times as you want it.

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